Why Hot Springs?

Soak In the Healing and Restorative Waters of the Hot Springs!

With our relaxing and soothing pools and hot tubs you will never want to leave as your worries slip away in the current! We channel water from the natural hot springs into our spa amenities for comforting temperatures varying from 80-104 degrees. Take a dip in paradise and let us know how you enjoyed your time!

Health & Wellness | Take the Step Toward a Healthier Body

It may come as a surprise that hot water has the ability to provide several health benefits. Water therapy, also known as Hydrotherapy, is commonly used to treat many different symptoms such as stress, back pain, arthritis, sore muscles and more. While those are the obvious treatments, Hydrotherapy can also aid in treating weight loss, heart failure and insomnia.

We know that not only do our hot water treatments create a rejuvenating atmosphere for our guests, but also our resort’s beautiful surroundings of 250 acres, close to Palm Springs, California. Because the healing properties of natural hot spring water is established throughout the country, people from all over travel to enjoy our premier facilities.

With unchanging temperature of 115 and 146 degrees Fahrenheit, many have grown accustomed to and appreciate the hot springs since 1967. Because we want to cater to all of our guest’s needs, we offer a swimming pool that remains at 90 degrees for water aerobics and recreational swimming. We also keep our soaking pools at 104 degrees for those who need a break from the heat of the hot springs.

While soaking in hot water is soothing and relaxing on the body, there is also medical research that has shown that hot water does provide treatment for several ailments and diseases. Take the next step in feeling better with our healing hot springs!


  • Arthritis

  • Back Pain

  • Heart

  • Diabetes

  • Weight Loss

  • Insomnia

Hydrotherapy has several health benefits that aid in strengthening the immune system, aiding in vertigo, intestinal pain and headaches. The limit to hydrotherapy healing and restorative benefits are limitless as they have been shown to help balance disorders, aid in depression, ease pain in muscles and musculoskeletal injuries. Other diseases and that hot water helps with are bronchial asthma, diseases that weaken circulation, spinal disease and multiple sclerosis. The list goes on as hydrotherapy also aids in more ailments such as appetite loss, premenstrual syndrome, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure, varicose veins, and much more.  Some additional ailments that can benefit....